What is the goal of many immigrants who come to the united states?
a. to enjoy a vacation
b. to get medical
c. to find employment
d. to join the armed forces


This is pretty open ended but here are some suggestions

- Religious and cultural persecution

- Oppourtunity

- Lots of avaliable property

- The prospect of a young nation

- The Irish Potatio Famine


The goal of many immigrants who come to the united states, such as the Jewish immigrants in Russia in 1800s, was to find more opportunity, get a better living, and sometimes, to escape persecution. In the case of Jews, many fled from Russia in the 1800s because of the harsh policies being placed on Jews there, not just from the government but also from the peasants as well. This was mainly because of the recent death of a Russian czar, which many Russians blamed on the Jews. Pogroms, as they were called, were certain organized attacks on Jews by Russian Peasants.

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