*** discuss how and why african-americans began to challenge and criticize the nation’s way of life in the 1960s. were their criticisms valid? what were some of the goals of these groups, and how did they go about achieving them?


The NAACP’s long battle against de jure segregation culminated in the Supreme Court’s landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision, which overturned the “separate but equal” doctrine. Former NAACP Branch Secretary Rosa Parks’ refusal to yield her seat to a white man sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the modern civil rights movement.
By the 1960s, a generation of white Americans raised in prosperity and steeped in the culture of conformity of the 1950s had come of age. However, many of these baby boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) rejected the conformity and luxuries that their parents had provided. These young, middle-class Americans, especially those fortunate enough to attend college when many of their working-class and African American contemporaries were being sent to Vietnam, began to organize to fight for their own rights and end the war that was claiming the lives of so many.


By 1960, about one-third of the U.S. population was living in the suburbs; during the 1960s, the average family income rose by 33 percent. Material culture blossomed, and at the end of the decade, 70 percent of American families owned washing machines, 83 percent had refrigerators or freezers, and almost 80 percent had at least one car. Entertainment occupied a larger part of both working- and middle-class leisure hours. By 1960, American consumers were spending $85 billion a year on entertainment, double the spending of the preceding decade; by 1969, about 79 percent of American households had black-and-white televisions, and 31 percent could afford color sets. Movies and sports were regular aspects of the weekly routine, and the family vacation became an annual custom for both the middle and working class.

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The Indian Independence Movement began in 1857, and lasted until 1947. Before the beginning of the movement, India had never known political freedom. Foreign rulers had occupied the country for its' entire history. ... He migrated to India in 1914, and changed the face of the movement forever.


The black civil rights movement in the United States has gone down in history as an example of a heroic struggle against flagrant injustice. Indeed, people who opposed racial segregation were not brave enough, and many of them, including Martin Luther King, paid their lives for their beliefs. However, the success of the movement was due not only to the personal qualities of fighters for equality, but also to purely economic reasons. Moreover, when the demands of black Americans went beyond economic feasibility, the Black movement began to suffer defeat and significantly weakened. It all started with the fact that yesterday's slaves were given freedom and immediately were subjected to depriving it..

In December 2016, the 60th anniversary of the victory of the Montgomery transport company boycott, from which the Black Civil Rights Movement began, was celebrated. Later it led to the abolition of the segregation system based on the laws of Jim Crow. In the city of Montgomery, Alabama, black residents (about 50,000 people) entered a massive targeted struggle, overcoming the hatred of racists and the hostility of local authorities.

The system that developed in the South was contrary to the main principle of a growing consumer society, according to which the consumer should be happy when he makes a purchase, when he goes into a store, when he gets in a new car. But in the context of segregation of a black consumer, it was as if they deliberately made him hate a store, a product, a manufacturer, a seller, and a country in which his human dignity was humiliated daily.


African - Americans began to challenge and criticize the nation's way of life in the 1960s not able to take the pressure and discrimination anymore.


The idea of "First hired, last hired" came around the period 'Great Depression' when the economic condition in the country was collapsing and the pressure was more for the African - Americans than the rest.

The wages of the African - Americans were simply very less and during the Great Depression the situation got more worse. Resulting in great debt. Therefore, the African - Americans began to challenge and criticize that nation's way of life in the 1960s not able to take the pressure and discrimination anymore, which began with the Civil Rights Movement to Civilian Conversation corps including higher education, health and proper wealth.

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