What role did paul revere play in the
boston massacre?
he made the first accurate visual depiction of the massacre.
he spoke in favor of the british soldiers.
he protested a soldier's treatment of a boy.
he made engraved prints that sway public opinion against


why are graveyards noisy? because of all the coffin!

what's a ghost's favorite pasta? spookgetti.

why didn’t the skeleton go to the ball? because he had no-body to go with!

what do you call a fat pumpkin? a plumpkin.

what room does a ghost not need? a living room!

what kind of dessert does a ghost like? i scream!

what is a vampire’s favorite fruit? a nectarine!

know why skeletons are so calm? because nothing gets under their skin.

what is a ghost's favorite liquor? mali-boo.

do you know how to make a witch itch? you take away the w!

what do you call two witches living together? broommates.

why are ghosts so bad at lying? you can see right through them.

how do you make a skeleton laugh? tickle his funny bone!

what do mummies like to listening to on halloween? wrap music!

what monster likes to dance at a party? the boogieman!

how do girl vampires flirt? they bat their eyes.

what is a ghosts favorite dessert? boo-berry pie.

new lives in america were possible for poor europeans. ~apex u.s history

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Use the map below to answer the following question: which if the following resources is found in th

alliances in ww1 were different from ww2 because the entente in ww1 made up of serbia,russia,france,britan,japan and italy later america  and all allied in a sort of balance of power and too keep germany,austria-hungary,and the ottomans down. russia allied the serbians in order to exert its influence in the balkans while france allied the russians because france was still in dismay and insulted after the defeat to the germans during the unification of germany and britian allied the belgians after the germans invasion of belgium.in ww2 the alliances were in a preemptive attempt to deter any further wars into happening while germany and italy allied since they were insulted and humiliated after the previous war while also sharing a similar ideology of facsim along with japan which all 3 had a want for world domination and agreed to assist one another in the endevours 


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