Which of these would best explain the low population density for the northern portion of jammu & kashmir region? a) mountainous terrain b) frequent hurricanes c) flooding of the nile river d) flooding of the indus river


the answer for 3 is b and the answer for 4 is d

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The northern portion of Jammu and Kashmir regions have had low population density because of the mountainous terrain.


The regions of Jammu and Kashmir are both located in Afghanistan, presenting two of the three large regions of the country. Both regions have mixed topography, with Jammu being much lower on average than Kashmir. The northern part of Jammu and Kashmir are areas that have low population densities, and there are several factors that have contributed to this, such as:

high mountainslow precipitationharsh climatepoor soil

While the majority of the Jammu region is dominated by lowlands, its northern portion is dominated by the Paropamisus Mountains, which are very inhospitable. The majority of the territory of Kashmir is occupied by the same mountains too. The bad living conditions on the Paropamisus Mountains meant that the people avoided this region, and still do, so the population density is very low.

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