Betsey has been elected by the voters of her state to serve as an elector. in the upcoming election, she feels this responsibility is more important than ever, as most people are too swayed by political advertising or interest group affiliations. betsy realizes the modern purpose of the electoral college is a. require the electors to be chosen by state legislatures b. make the presidency completely independent of congress c. ensure the president is elected by prominent citizens d. allow national groups to control the presidency


The correct answer is D) Determines the winner of the presidential election.

The statement that best describes the purpose of the Electoral College in the United States is "determines the winner of the presidential election."

In the United States political system there is a concept called the Electoral College that is the selection of the electors that decide the winner of a presidential election that is held every four years. They count the votes in Congress. In the US, electors for the formula of President and Vice President at the same time. This system is different from other world democracies in which the popular vote decides the winner. This Electoral College is formed by 538 electors from the different states of the Union. To declare a winner, it is needed a majority of 270 votes.

The answer to this question is D

The Answer is D. Determines the winner of the presidential election

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Publishes the results from each state's chosen electors

i think that the answer is the first one.

Electing the president and vice president of the United States.


The Electoral College is a whole body of electors. Its main purpose is to elect the president and vice president. That converts our democracy in a representative one.

This college is constituted every 4 years by 538 electors.

In order to win elections, 270 votes are requires, which means absolute majority.

D:  The Electoral Collage chooses the winner of an election.

D- Determines the winner of the presidential election


So that less populated states and officials had more say in the president(?) idk but the answer is D

C: To divide the vote between population and state


The constitutional purpose of the Electoral college is to elect the president and the vice president of the America, The group of people which is known as the Electors in each state selected by each state legislature to elect the U.S. President and the Vice-President.

The electoral college votes are certified and counted by the joint session of the congress before the inauguration day.

The answer is: letter a. Require the electors to be chosen by state legislature.


"Electoral College" consists of electors who have been chosen under the United States Constitution. Every state has the right to have some electors who cast votes during the election of the president and the vice-president. They are selected by "state legislatures," which means their selection will depend on the "State laws." They are also selected according to some processes (particularly, two processes). The total number of electors is 538.

Under the Constitution, a person, who currently holds an office of trust or an office of profit, will not be chosen as an electorate. Every State will need to provide the elector's certification in order to qualify.

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