What do you know about a shape of peaple? ​


The top one is a cube and the bottom is a pentagonal prism.
Pentagonal prism is the shape
Let's use tetrahedral as an example. For a typical tetrahedral shaped molecules, the bond angle between all 4 atoms is 109.5o. Now instead of having all 4 atoms, one of them is replace by a lone pair, making the shape now trigonal pyramidal. Imagine the repulsion of the lone pairs on the other 3 atoms, pushing them further away, making the bond angles between lone pairs and atoms more than 109.5o. And therefore, the angel between atoms become less.
Its a very odd prism hope this helps lol  
I would classify that shape as a pentagon because it has 5 sides/edges.

It is shaped like the houses in the old times.

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A shape is rectangleif it is a parallelogram with four right angles.

Since since people over 70 are more likely to die, the mode is likely to be above the mean. In addition, there are relatively few people who die in childhood or adolescence, I would assume a likely distribution would be negatively skewed

Step-by-step explanation:

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Coriolis effect: It is an apparent deflection of the moving object. This is an apparent deflection of moving air or water caused by the rotation of the earth.

Currents are created by wind. Their directions are determined by coriolis effect. The earth is in constant motion. It describes the rotation of the earth which steers winds and the surface current. The direction of the wind blows from north and south towards equator.

Earth is sphere in shape. It spins on its axis in a counterclockwise direction when it is seen from north pole.

The object on the equator moves faster than the object further from the equator. The speed of currents and winds are faster at the equator than poles.

(1) Square; triangle or pentagon

(2)  Originally 146.6 m, now 139 m

(3) (a) h = 150 m; (b) l = 240 m; (c) base = square;

    (d) lateral area = 92 205 m²; (e) slope = 5/4

Step-by-step explanation:

(1) Base

The pyramids at Giza have square bases. Those are the most common, but the bases can have any number of shapes, e.g., triangles  or pentagons.

(2) Size

The Great Pyramid was originally 146.6 m tall with a base that was 230.4 m on each side. It is now only 139 m tall, because the limestone casings  have fallen away.

It would be possible to build a bigger pyramid today, because modern machinery can easily handle the massive stones.

(3) A larger pyramid

A larger modern pyramid might be 150 m tall and have a square base 240 m on each side.

(a) Height = 150 m

(b) Length = 240 m

(c) Base shape = square

(d) Surface Area

The square pyramid has four triangular faces.

(i) Side height

We can use Pythagoras' Theorem to calculate the side height s of the pyramid:

s² = 120² + 150² = 36 900 m²

s = √36900 = 192.1 m

(ii) Lateral area

The pyramid has four triangular faces.

Each triangle has a base of 240 m and a height of 192.1 m.

The formula for the area of a triangle is  

A = ½bh

So. the area of the four triangles is

A = 4 × ½bh = 2bh = 2 × 240 m × 192.1 m = 92 205 m²

(e) Slope of pyramid

slope = Δy/Δx = 150/120 = 5/4


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That their shaped based upon their skeleton


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