Shays' rebellion was significant because it

a) shifted the balance of power from free states to the slave states.
b) demonstrated the opposition of the anti-federalists to the constitution.
c) provided the background to the outbreak of the revolutionary war in 1775.
d) demonstrated the weaknesses of the government under the articles of confederation.


Here is some information that will help:

The Articles of Confederation was the first constitution in US history. However, it gave very little power to the federal government and failed to establish an executive branch (aka president). Along with this, it gave the federal government very little power to raise an army. This weakness was put on display during Shay's Rebellion and was one of the many causes behind the US adopting the new constitution.

The French and Indian War is seen as one of the biggest causes of the American Revolution. This is because the British government put taxes on the American colonists in order to pay the war debt. King George III did this without the consent of the colonists, who immediately revolted against this idea.
D: it showed that the articles of Conf. were weak
Answer 01:

A) the Articles gave too much power to the national government.


The article of consideration was written in 1777  ratified in colonies in 1781. There were many flaws in confederation but one main reason was, it gave much power to national governments and the federal government became weak.  Where constitution strengthens the federal government. This was was the main reason the constitution was adopted over confederation.

Answer 02:

D) a strong central government.    


Law needed to approve from 9 out of 13 states. Congress could not tax the states. Country security was on the risk and states were arguing with each other and going towards war. Congress had no power to call the army. It is continuing who brought judiciary in the system and gave more powers to the president.

Answer 03:

D demonstrated the weaknesses of the government under the Articles of Confederation.


It showed, the nation needs a commander and chief of armed forces should be on duty all the time. Under the article of confederation, the only Congress could call the army but Congress was out of session. Government-produced by the article of confederation was ceased to exist.

Answer 4:

B)inability to regulate commerce among the states.


Commerce had no power to regulate commerce in states, which caused serious issues among states and other diplomatic issues arose. Any major law was needed to pass by 9 states out of 13, because of which federal was failed to do a normal business too.

Answer 05:

C)  The high cost of the war meant Parliament had to create new taxes in the American colonies.


In 1765 parliament passed an act, that colonists need to pay for British soldiers who are stationed in America during the French India war. Britain had to pay war debt too so they needed money. King and parliament decided that they have the right to collect the tax. There were several taxes were passed including stamp act passed in 1765 which require the use of special paper used for all legal documents. In the start, colonists decided not to pay taxes, but then they realized these taxes were being collected by Britain parliament, not by their local bodies.

Answer 06:

B) thought educated people were more likely to improve Georgia.


Founder of Georgia university Abraham Baldwin born on November 22, 1754. He graduated from Yale and taught there as a tutor until 1779.

Baldwin remained a very prestigious professor at the University of divinity at Yale. Georgia governor Lyman Hall urged him to take the charge of designing a tutorial plan for both secondary and higher education in the state. Baldwin fully understood that education was the core of advancing Georgia. As a Georgia state legislature, he formed a large educational plan that eventually covered land donated by the state to fund for the establishment of the University of Georgia. With his efforts, the state approved a treaty for the University of Georgia in 1785.

Answer 7:

C) said that education was the responsibility of the state.


Abraham Baldwin is known today for his statewide educational program.  He created a university and granted state funds for that institution. He said a state is responsible to give education and highlighted his own education principles Abraham once said that Georgia must place the youth under the forming hand of society.

Answer 08:

D) held the country together prior to the implementation of the Constitution.    


 The Articles were formed by the elected agents of the states in the Second Continental Congress. American colonists beat Great Britain and got freedom. Congers had formed an authority to direct the day-to-day operations of the government. The large states containing large quantities of western land ceded the land to the government under the Articles so that all the states could distribute in the resources of lands.

Answer 09:

C) The document was too easily amended by the states.


Federal had no power to implement its authority. For states it was very easy to bring amendment what ever they needed to do in their benefits. Federal was put on security risk. States were much powerful to make deals whatever they wanted. This was a security threat to the country. Congress was also out of session, it couldn't call the army on need. Neither congress could collect taxes from the states, which was causing difficult for federal to bring stability.

Answer 10:

Elijah Clarke


Clarke worked in the Georgia Militia when the American revolutionary war was fought. When the troops scattered after the surrender of Savannah, Clarke appointed as a lieutenant colonel in the Wilkes County Militia. He competed in the southern theater and worked under Col. Andrew Pickens in the Battle of Kettle Creek.

Clarke had selected to the Georgia legislature after the war.

The correct answer is D

The correct answer is D) Demonstrated the weaknesses of the government under the Articles of Confederation.

Daniel Shay was a Massachusetts farmer who served in the Continental Army during the American Revolution. After the American Revolution, Shay was one of many farmers who went back to his farm with little money, as the government did not pay him fully yet for his military service. Despite not paying him for his service, the state government continued to implement taxes on citizens. Shay and many other farmers were upset by this, causing them to rebel. With this rebellion, there was no organized standing army thanks to the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation. This was one of the many factors that resulted in the US creating a new constitution at the Constitutional Convention.

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The answer is D

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