In what way does the american public influence the nomination of supreme court

a) by voting on the supreme court nomination

b) u. s. citizens nominate supreme court candidates

c) by electing the president and u. s. congress who make the appointment and


the correct answer is d. the monetary reserve is a set of funds represented in currency, money or similar, saved as a forecast of possible needs or for legal reasons.

the increase or decrease in the monetary base influences in the increase or decrease of the inflation rate. therefore, the excess of monetary reserve will cause the reduction of inflation.

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c. By electing the President and US Congress who make the appointment and approval


The nomination of Supreme Court justices is a responsibility of the President of the United States, who proposes his candidates for the job and then the US Congress approves it or not, to this effect the only influence that american public has on the election or not of a certain supreme court justice is the fact that they vote for president and elect congressmen, but other than that, they can't do much

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