Which powers best complete this graphic?
prohibited by
the constitution
include the
ability to make
laws that apply
designed to
limit the power
of government
o a. denied powers
o b. reserved powers
c. implied powers
d. expressed powers


Reserved powers is your answer
It would be c) Expressed Powers

Umhm...lemme seelet's say D. It seems to be the most reasonable.


The answer is letter B, Denied powers.


In order to provide "checks and balances" in the government, they are also prohibited to do some actions, thus limiting their power or the concentration of power within them. This power is what you call "denied powers."

"Denied powers" extend to both the National government and the State government. For example, the National government is not allowed to violate the Bill of Rights nor to change state boundaries. The State government is also not allowed to print money nor to suspend the right of a person without due process.

This kind of power prevents one branch from becoming more powerful than the other.

the answer is denied powers


Expressed powers. Yes this is really the answer.

Expressed Powers are those "Special Powers" given to Congress, specifically named in the Constitution, which are also called delegated powers or enumerated powers.

They give Congress the authority to issue policies on the subjects of war and peace; including the power to control commerce, currency and taxes, to borrow money, declare war, command and conduct the army and the navy; they also include power to manage commerce and treaties with other nations and among the states. Thereby (A).




A. Denied powers B. Reserved powers C. Implied powers D. Expressed powers answer was D Expressed powers hope it helps yall

I think it is A. The Implied powers

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