1.) describe the new deal. what was it and how was it supposed to ?

2.) what was meant by alphabet soup? how were these projects supposed to pull america out of the great depression? ​


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which colony was founded, in part, as a place for english debtors?

a) georgia

Economic reform programs that needed to get the country out of financial dubious.


The "New Deal" is a program of economic reforms that needed to get America out of the financial crisis. These are also the long-term reforms that have made America the number one economic force in the world. The "New Deal" meant reforming the banks, and to this end, a number, and some permanently, of several banks were closed to audit their operations. This reform program also entailed a boost for the troubled US industry. Also, through this program, aid was intended to help farmers, because over a million of them were left without their properties.When Roosevelt took over as president, he created new programs that were supposed to ease the economic situation and stimulate the country's economic recovery. These programs are known as "Alphabet Soup". To this end, a public works program was launched. People were recruited for the reconstruction of roads, airport parks, etc. This program alone employs millions of people.

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