What political sentiment did president harding’s election reveal


The campaign of President Warren G. Harding promised a "return to normalcy." This idea reflected the political sentiment of the time. People were tired of the war, and of the hardships that it brought. Their wish was to go back to the days before WWI. These days were what Harding referred to as "normalcy." He won the election by gaining 61% of the popular vote, and 37 of 48 states in the Electoral College.

During the 1920 election, the slogan of Harding's campaign was "Return to Normalcy." This slogan exemplified a sentiment that was popular during this time period. "Normalcy" was the period before World War I, and his campaign promised a return to that way of life, one which was untarnished with thoughts of the war. This was an extremely popular sentiment, and led to Harding winning the election.

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