· a federal agency created in 1916
· manages all national monuments and most public spaces
· is part of the department of the interior
all of these are describing the
a) the national park service.
b) the bureau of land management.
c) u. s. fish and wildlife service.
d) federal energy regulatory commission.


i am not 100% positive but i think it is is b. both are non-partisan jobs

i am pretty sure that members of congress have term limits, can be impeached, and are nominated through direct popular vote.


the president, prime minister, chief justice, speakers and ministers take their oath of office. the oath is taken in bengali

when people started to question traditional christian beliefs, they became criminals in the eyes of the church: they were accused of heresy and then, executed. the church held unbelievable power and anyone who tried to defy it or its beliefs, was demonized and persecuted.

mark brainliest and have a stunning day!

the british army and british colonist were by iroquois indians.

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