Which of the following best sums up the reason american colonists felt their rights as englishman we’re not upheld
give me liberty or give me death
taxation without representation
the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots
well i live let me have a country


d and a is the correct anwsers


he would based it upon geographic luck which he often resulted his faith in.

taxation without representation


Knowing the Americans' attachment to tea, Lord North expected them to swallow the tea tax because of its significantly reduced price. This would set a precedent - the colonists would accept the tax law passed by the British Parliament. However, this intention was also apparent to American colonists: the debate over the taxes and law of the colonies, or the British Parliament, has been going on for years, and the principle that no taxation without representation is already fully accepted in American society. At that time, the colonists did not stop only at the boycott of English tea.

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