Why might have many u. s. congressmen disliked franklin d. roosevelt's quarantine speech of 1937?
a) the feared it would increase immigration problems.
b) they feared it would interfere with u. s. trade relations with china.
c) they feared it would lead to united states involvement in world war ii.
d) they feared it would cause the united states to become more isolationist.


When Franklin Roosevelt made his famous Quarantine Speech of 1937, he was calling for the US and western countries to contain the aggressive actions of Germany, which made many isolationist Congressmen angry.

The actual answer is: They feared it would lead to United States involvement in World War II.  I just took the test and got it right. 2/4/2019

Its C


Instead of staying completely out of the rising fears of war in Europe, President Roosevelt seems to advocate one side over another. Therefore, many Congressmen feared the speech would lead to United States involvement in World War II. Whether or not the speech accomplished that, the U.S. would eventually be greatly involved in the war.

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