Why did congress pass the indian removal act of 1830? check all that apply. to speed up the assimilation of american indian tribes to free up land for white settlers to move onto to make it easier to access gold found on tribal land to take over the crops that american indian tribes grew to keep white settlers from living alongside american indians to tap into the skills of american indian tribes


The tensions existed because Their where differences in culture and race and most importantly the settlers in most cases toke land or resource from the natives to sell back in Europe. the natives mostly retaliated for the things they did to them. Congress passed the indian removal law because to relocate them. The land known as Indian territory was located west of the Mississippi within the States of Missouri Louisiana,Territory of Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. I think this correct.


The main purpose of the Indian Removal Act was to remove Native American tribes to territory west of the Mississippi River in order to allow white settlers to settle on their land. The Act was signed into law and strictly enforced by Andrew Jackson on May 28, 1830. However, even at that time period, it was extremely controversial. The Cherokee were one of the groups that most opposed to this act, by they were eventually forcible removed by the government.

The Indian Removal Act was signed into law on May 28, 1830, by United States President Andrew Jackson. The law authorized the president to negotiate with southern Native American tribes for their removal to federal territory west of the Mississippi River in exchange for white settlement of their ancestral lands.


The correct answers about the Indian Removal Act's goals are: it was a way to free up land for white settlers to move onto (B) and also to keep white settlers from living alongside American Indians (E).

Since the beginning of the XIXth century, European Americans were trying to expand into Alabama and Mississippi present territories. This Act made it possible "within reasonable terms" to acquire Indian lands.

The Act was also based on President Jackson's arguments that the existence of an independent Indian nation within a state's borders was absurd and that was safer for Indians to live away from the whites because otherwise their land would be repeatedly invaded and their lives destroyed.

Jackson's and later Van Buren's Indian policy was strongly opposed and became one of the most intense debates of American politics of that century.

In the 1800s, the westward expansion was one of the greatest driving forces of American society. To own land and to work on it was the symbol of freedom thus it was everyone's goal. The potential that a frontier had within itself due to possible expansion represented the promises of America back then.

The correct answer is B. To move eastern Indian tribes to lands west of the Mississippi


The Indian Removal was a law signed by the Congress of the U.S. on May 28 of 1830, in this act the main purpose was to remove some Indian tribes from their ancestral territory at the east of Mississippi to west territory, more specifically to nowadays Oklahoma territory. This law was quite controversial, considering some tribes did not agree with the relocation, the act was discriminating Native tribes and the relocation had important negative consequences on the tribes, including the death of many of them during the relocation and lost of the tribes' ancestral lands. Considering this, it can be concluded the main reason for the Removal Act in 1830 was "to move eastern Indian tribes to lands west of the Mississippi".

Option (A)


President Andrew Jackson negotiated with southern native American tribes for the removal to federal territory west of the Mississippi river in exchange for white settlement of their ancestral lands.

In 1830 Congress, urged on by President Andrew Jackson, passed the Indian Removal Act which gave the federal government the power to relocate any Native Americans in the east to territory that was west of the Mississippi River.

To relocate Native Americans to lands in the West.


14) Cherokees tried to abandon hunting and their traditional ways of life and instead learned to live, worship, and farm like Christian American yeomen
15) A 3, 1, 2, 4
16) D
17) D invade Florida
18) D

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answer: because they though they were violent


that the indians were violent and they liked to kill people a lot

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