which of the following best explains why raising the discount rate affects the
money supply?
a. when the discount rate is high, banks can loan out a larger portion
of their reserves.
b. when the discount rate is high, banks keep more reserves on hand
to avoid paying a lot to borrow from the fed.
c. when the discount rate is high, banks are able to charge lower
interest rates so that more people can afford to take loans.
d. when the discount rate is high, banks have less incentive to give
loans because they make less profit on these loans.


Well you have the answer for this question right

  the common sense as a pamphlet written by thomas paine. it promoted the independence of the colonies from british rule. the distribution of this pamphlet was great, it reached people everywhere and it was even read aloud at places people met. it also unite the colonists before the revolutionary war.

answer is d


tens of thousands of people were killed in as it’s longtime leader attempted to stay in power.

If this is a true or false question i would say true

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