Was 14 years old when he captured tabriz and declared himself shah of persia.
a. hurrem
b. isma'il
c. suleiman
d. memet


on the morning of  july 21,  1861, general mcdowell ordered the  unionarmy to attack. it was on this hill that  confederate  colonel thomas jackson and his forces held back theunion  troops.

step-by-step explanation:

100%     = 120

1%= 120/100=   1.2

9%   = 1.2 x 9=     10.8

10.80 to the 120 to get $130.80

The advantage of banking with national retail banks is that they charge fees for many services.
The league of nations was found in 1919 to keep peace after world war l.but it failed to prevent world war ll in 1939,so in 1945 the nations of the world set up a new organization,the united state (un).since then, the un has encouraged international cooperation and worked to resolve conflict

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