Acivilization reaches its high point during its stage. a)birth b)growing pains c)adulthood d)senior


d) true or false question


a trial judge has broad powers in his courtroom. the judge's decision is usually final for the duration of the trial, and the party's one special type of witness is an expert witness.

C) adulthood


If we use the Positivism theory created by Auguste Comte, adulthood is the Positive stage of civilization development. This occurs when all the social aspects are perfectly arranged, such as economic growth, personal wealth, influence spread and the absence of conflicts.

the correct answer is c) adulthood. The correct sentence will be A civilization reaches its high point during its adulthood stage.

Explanation: every civilization experiences a process: first, it is born then it grows, after that, it reaches its highest point and at the end, it declines.

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