What did the marshall plan do ? apex a. send aid to countries in europe b. sent atomic weapons to asia c. sent more ships to the pacific d. sent aid to the soviet union answer ; is a


the answer your'e looking for is D the american's sent aid to Europe in order to combat the spread of communism, they figured if you send countries aid their more likely to move towards a democracy than communism

I'm pretty sure the answer is D





provide aid to western euep9

1: for me is A

2: for me is C

3: for me is B

4: for me is C

hope this help u in sth i have more things to do so thats all i can help u

the answer is A i hope i got it right


A. send aid to countries in Europe


The Marshall Plan was an act with which the United States tried to help the Western European countries after the end of the World War II. With this act, the United States provided 12 billion US dollars for the Western European nations, a sum that would roughly account for around 100 billion dollars in the present. The reason for this was to help the Western European countries to recover from the war, to rebuild themselves, and get back on track with their economies. It was an act of big generosity, and the Western European countries did found it very helpful, quickly recovering from the war and getting back on track with their development.

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