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What influenced the rise in consumer spending in the 1920s?

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explanation and A great advancement of the Egyptians was their Irrigation method as well. They constructed canals of irrigation, and not only that, but also irrigation ditches, to...Read More
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Answer: tokugawa ieyasu (徳川家康, january 31, 1543 – june 1, 1616) was the founder and first shōgun of the tokugawa shogunate of japan, which effectively ruled japan from the battle...Read More
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hello! : )1. intercessory weapons“god is looking for somebody, a wall builder; somebody who can prevent calamities and avert disasters through importunate tears of supplication,”...Read More
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tenochtitlan (also spelled tenochtitlán), located on an island near the western shore of lake texcoco in central mexico, was the capital city and religious centre of the aztec civi...Read More
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