Brainliesttt asap!me : ) answer in your own words. what was the relationship between medieval theories about scientific reasoning and the kind of reasoning favored during the scientific revolution?


The medieval era was from around 1100 to 1400, back then scientific facts were what some would say, hated. people relied on the techings of the bible and simple mechanical devices. The scientific revolution was during the Renaissance, people were more open minded to innovation and many believed that science was that innovation.

The importance of the scientific Revolution to the Enlightenment Period was that scientists like Newton and Galileo learned that the world did not work the way the church had explained it to be and thus, scientists discovered laws that governed the natural world.

As for Medieval theories referring to scientific ratiocinate, it varied from this reason that was preferred during the Scientific Revolution. They had depended on an 'powerful god' instead of observation and rational thinking.

medieval theories about scientific reasoning differed greatly from the reason favored during the scientific revolution in that it relied heavily on a fear of an all-powerful god, instead of rational thinking and observation.

During the scientific revolution, medieval reasoning was abandoned in favor of the new methods proposed by scientists such as Bacon, Galileo, Descartes, and Newton. The importance of experimentation to the scientific method was introduced and the importance of God in science was no longer. This resulted in the pursuit of science itself, rather than for philosophy, and as a result,  it gained validity on its own terms.

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