In which ways did the meiji restoration modernize japanese government and society


The main ways in which the Meiji Restoration modernized Japanese government and society was by introducing methods of production that were used in Europe. 
It created a democracy to model that of the US (and also other countries)

It also abolished feudalism and the samurai class (samurai was replaced with compulsory military training for all young men, aka conscription)

The correct answers are "It appointed the emperor as head of the government", "It abolished feudalism and the samurai" and "It created a constitutional monarchy". The Meiji Restoration or Meiji Renovation allowed the restoration of practical imperial rules to the Empire of Japan in 1868. The Emperor Meiji reformed the rules, leading to modernization and Westernization of Japan. Some of these rules were appointed the emperor as head of the government, disappearance of feudalism and the figures of samurais, and the creation of a constitutional monarchy.

It created a constitutional monarchy.

It abolished feudalism and the samurai.

It appointed the emperor as head of the government.

a. it appointed the emperor as head of the government

c. it abolished feudalism and the samurai

d. it created a constitutional monarcy


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