What are the 6 steps in the scientific method


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Purpose/question, research, hypothesis, experiment, data/analysis, and the conclusion

Scientific method involves the systematic step by step method of answering a question. The six major steps involved in a scientific method are purpose, research, hypothesis, experiment, analysis, and conclusion.

Purpose of a scientific method is the question being asked or the problem to be solved.

Research is the collection of background information relevant to the purpose of the experiment.

Hypothesis is the answer predicted to the question under study, as per the background research.

Experiment is the testing of the hypothesis. Experiment has independent and dependent variables, independent variable is changed by the experimenter and its effect is studied on the dependent variable.

Analysis involves the data interpretation in order to prove the hypothesis.

Conclusion is the review of data set to prove the hypothesis to be correct or incorrect.

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observation, question, hypothesis, experiment, conclusion, evaluate


1. Observation

Any incident that makes the scientific mind curious is an observation for the scientific mind.

2. Question

The scientific mind then refines the general observation into a proper line of curiosity to ponder the reason behind it.

3. Hypothesis

A hypothesis is an informed guess as to the possible answer of the question developed by the scientific mind. Hypothesis may not be correct but should provide a direction for further investigation.

4. Experiment

To test the hypothesis, the scientific mind designs an experiment. The experiment must be controlled and reproducible.

5. Analysis

Using several trials of the experiment, the results are noted down. The data is then correlated with the hypothesis.

6. Conclusion

After analysis of the data, a conclusion is drawn on whether the hypothesis is correct or incorrect. If the hypothesis is incorrect, then a new hypothesis must be made.

If it is correct, then our original question is answered.

1. Purpose/Question
2. Research
3. Hypothesis
4. Experiment
5. Data analysis
6. Conclusion
1. conduct a question / purpose
2. conduct background research 
3.propose a hypothesis
4. design or perform experiment to test hypothesis 
5.record observations and analyze what the data means
6.conclude where your hypothesis is correct or wrong . communicate your results.
1 Purpose/question, 2 research, 3 hypothesis, 4 experiment, 5 data/analysis, and 6 the conclusion

Ask a question

Do research

Create a hypothesis

Test it using an experiment

Analyze the data you got from the experiment

Check your data, was your hypothesis correct?

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