Do you think the theory of evolution necessarily disproves divine creation in the scopes monkey trial



the statement that best describes president carter’s attempt to free the hostages in iran is c. all of the attempts failed.


the operation eagle claw conducted by the united states armed forces was a failed mission which aimed to rescue 52 americans captured as hostages in the american embassy, tehran on 24/4/1980.the mission was authorized by president jimmy carter. the failures included;   obstacles in operation that included operational conditions challenges caused by sandstorms, hydraulic problems of one the helicopters and , mechanical failure of another helicopter that was identified as a cracked rotor blade and the crashing of another helicopter during mission abortion causing death of 8 service persons.

answer is x. lo xd

No, I think the theory of evolution not necessarily disaproves divine creation. I believe that the truth of evolution was that God was directing it. God wanted to create humans and created humans as the Bible said. The monkey trial in 1925 was a debate between science and religion as the were opposed  I don't think they are opposed at all.  

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