During the decades between world war i and world war ii, american foreign policy was characterized by a) large-scale military mobilization in anticipation of the second world war. b) aggressive imperialism as the united states gained control of much of the pacific. c) increasing federal control of the american economy to battle the effects of the great depression. eliminate d) increased isolationism as the united states focused on domestic issues instead of involvement in international affairs.


It was characterized by a period of enacting a series of neutrality acts and isolationism

The years after the war saw the emergence of isolationists  who called for America to avoid European affairs with an aim of avoiding conflict. The 1930's saw a number of neutrality acts that aimed at avoiding war.

i think D, in that time US also suffered in WW1 so they didn't join the fight on WW2, they only joined when they were provoked to join in.

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