What is the main goal of the president's challenge program?


The main goal of the President's Challenge Program is to inspire young people to be active, to stay healthy, to work out, to eat properly, and similar things.

The President's Challenge (also called Presidential Champions) was an American program promulgated by the President's Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition that aimed to encourage all Americans to "make being active part of their everyday lives" and to be physically fit.

source: The President's Challenge - Wikipedia


The main goal of the President's Challenge Program is to promote healthy lifestyles for school aged children.

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their were a bunch of ppl that did not agree w their descions

answer: the main goal of the president's challenge program is to promise healthy lifestyles for school-aged children. i hope this you

step-by-step explanation:

To get them to make the right decision and also so they are prepared.

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