The first class lever is the most common lever in the human body. select the best answer from the choices provided. t f


Third Class Lever

Third class lever                          

The most common lever in the human body is the third class lever . Correct C

The Class of Lever is determined by the location of the load, fulcrum, and force.

In a third-class lever, the input force is in between the output force (the effort needed to move the beam and load) and the fulcru (the pivot or the turning point).

the answer is the third level C

The answer is C as far as I know




third class : ) hope it


c. third class lever ;


C. third class lever


The correct answer is option - false.


The most common lever in the human body is the third class lever. The lever system differentiates on the basis of the location of the force, fulcrum, and load in a lever into three classes first-class lever, second class, lever, and the third class lever.

The third class lever is most common in the human body and the force is located in between the weight and the axis or fulcrum. The human arm and the feet are the examples of the third class lever system.

Thus, the correct answer is option - False.

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