Create an organ donation brochure designed to raise awareness and increase the number of registered donors. Be sure your brochure addresses both the potential risks and benefits of becoming an organ donor, as well as information about which organs are needed. You may want to include graphs, charts, or other statistical information. You can create your brochure using a graphics program such as Word, Power Point, Publisher, or any other that you are familiar with. Upload your brochure in the box below. I NEEE HEL ASAP



      x/140 = 25/100

we need to find the x to find the x multiply 140 and 25

and what do you get 3500.   and what is 3500 divided by 100

= 35

whats up fam! \(-u-)/

This isn’t really a question so nobody is actually going to answer it. You have to create a brochure which could take long.

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