Which of the following activities does not improve stability?
maintaining a narrow base
lowering your center of gravity
doing balancing exercises
leaning into oncoming forces


C. Hold members accountable 
A. Maintaining a narrow base

A wider base is more stable than a narrow base.

The answer is A. maintaining a narrow base. Though D seems right it is not,

the answer is a maintaining a narrow base

maintaining a narrow base ( A )


stability is the ability of not being prone little or big changes in the surroundings that you find yourself in a nutshell stability is the ability of being stable or maintaining a balance.

Maintaining a narrow base makes it less likely for an object or person to be stable because standing a base that is narrower in relation to the base of the object placed on it makes the object to be prone to little distortions like wind and other external force which might not be great enough to move the object if it was on a wider base.

i think its A.fixation of CO2

D. define the project


The project is defined in the initiation phase.

The Project Initiation Phase is the 1st phase in the Project Management Life Cycle, as it involves starting up a new project. You can start a new project by defining its objectives, scope, purpose and deliverables to be produced.


maintaining a narrow base

I think it’s d leaning into oncoming forces
I think it’s d leaning into oncoming forces

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