Assumptions of health promotion include all of the following except: a. appropriate prevention strategies can be developed to deal with the identified health problems. b. behavior can be changed, and those changes can influence health. c. initiating and maintaining a behavior change is difficult. d. individual responsibility can best be viewed through victim blaming


the answer is d

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answer; the above statement is (true); (osha)

The correct answer is: D) Individual responsibility can best be viewed through victim blaming.


Health promotion is the process that allows groups of people to get a better grasp of the changes they need to make to improve their healths as individuals and as a community. It has three levels of prevention designed to help people with different realities, from preventing diseases to increase the chances of rehabilitation of the patient.

All of the options (but D) are assumptions of health promotion. Victim blaming, however, is never an option as patients should never be blamed for their conditions.

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