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Veronica spent three years fighting cancer before dying. as a result of her prolonged death, her husband, nelson, prepared emotionally for it and acknowledged that the loss was inevitable. nelson engaged in
a) bargaining
b) situational avoidance
c) early mourning
d) anticipatory grieving


Anticipatory grieving

Explanation: When an event is being anticipated, it simply means an event that has been coming or one which an individual is expectant of. In the scenario above, Veronica who happens to be Nelson's wife was plagued with cancer which happens to be a sort of terminal disease. Due to the nature of the disease and prolonged length of her death, Nelson was already planning or predicting the death of Veronica as he has doubts over her survival. The emotional Preparedness which Nelson made over his wife's death is called anticipatory grieving.

The correct answer will be option-D


Anticipatory grieving refers to the feeling of grief experienced before death by the family members and close ones of the patient whose death has been predetermined due to illness.

The people who get engaged in the anticipatory grieving shows the same symptoms of grief that occurs after death like preparing for death, concern for the dying person, social and cultural feelings and adjusting to the changes caused by the death.

In the given question, since Mr Nelson prepare emotionally for prolonged death of her wife's death and adjusts to the changes therefore person is showing the symptoms of anticipatory grieving.

Thus, option-D is the correct answer.

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