The authors write, "culture is the behaviors, ideas, attitudes, values, and traditions shared by a group of people and transmitted from one generation to the next" (155). in light of this, answer the following questions:

what is one common behavior among people in your subculture that you perform on a regular basis?
what is a common attitude among people in your subculture that you hold?
what is a common value (e. g. hospitable, hard-working) that is shared by people in your subculture that has influenced you?
what is a common tradition among people in your subculture that has impacted you?

(answer in complete sentences. number each answer to correspond to the question. be thorough in your response.)


The answer is 3) taking ownership of the decision 
Ahuman being is the correct answer.
A.) just took it and made 100%

answer; ///first blank (50) fellowships points; second blank; // (5 year);

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