Which of the following is a lifestyle behavior? a. getting enough sleep b. exercise c. tobacco use d. all of the above


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D. All of the answers are controllable lifestyle behaviors.


Getting enough sleep is a very important lifestyle behavior that allows your body's systems to recuperate from daily activities.  Additionally, your body repairs system damage and builds your immune system while you sleep.  The amount of sleep an individual need may depend upon his or her age and level of physical activity.

Exercise is a lifestyle behavior that can have dramatic health related benefits, or negative consequences in its absence. Exercise builds muscle tissue, improves muscle tone, improves circulation, improves various components of physical fitness (flexibility, agility, etc,), and positively impacts the cardiovascular system.  

Tobacco use if a lifestyle behavior that negatively impacts health, no matter what form of tobacco is used.  Chewing and snuff tobacco and smoking or vaping tobacco is deadly.  All tobacco contains a large number of carcinogens (cancer causing agents) that can attack any or all of your body systems.  

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