Spanish culture has been exported the most to which part of the world? a. southeast asia b. latin america c. australia d. india


That would be B. Latin America
Spanish culture has been exported the most to Latin and South America. Remember, during 1400s - 1700s Spain had a heavy hand in the affairs of its colonized areas resulting in the proliferation of the Spanish language. Additionally, Catholic missionaries from Spain frequently preached to the Native peoples across the continent resulting in the spread of Catholicism. 
Spanish culture has been exported most to South and Central America, which are former colonies of Spain and which are today a part of Latin America. One the major influences of spanish culture is Spanish language spoken there.
Latin America.  Good Luck!

Spanish culture has become mostly exported in the Southern Americas.

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I believe its the Americas, or more specifically, Latin/Central and South America!

B, Latin america


Spanish culture has been exported the most to the Latin America. Thus, the answer to the question is letter B. This is clearly evident because most of the populace in Latin America speak Spanish, though not all. Not only that, their cultures are also  similar in religion, culture, etc. 
It would be latin america

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