1.) look closely at the pyramid for 1881

a) explain with details why the proportion of the population under 15 is larger than other age groups? ( consider reasons for large families in 1881)

2.) what is the generation represented by “a” in 1956?

3.) why is this generation so big?

4.) look at the pyramid for 2020. in 2020 the pyramid shows a large generation in the 70 plus category. what generation is represented by this large group?

5.) look at your age group (10-14) in 2020. is it larger or smaller than the older generations? suggest 3 ways this generation size difference might impact your life.

1.) look closely at the pyramid for 1881 a) explain with details why the proportion of t


I had to look for the options and the answer that best fits the blank provided above is the term NEW-PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT. In the first stage of new product development, what happens here is that ideas are being generated which relates to the further progress of the product.
In the first generation we have 2 ancestors.
In the second generation we have 4 ancestors or 2^{2} ancestors.
In the third generation we have 8 ancestors ot 2^{3} ancestors.

We can see that each succesive generation has two times more members. The sum is:
2+4+8+16+...+ 2^{40}

To calculate number of ancestors we can use formula for the sum of a geometric sequence. Geometric sequence is sequence of numbers that differ by a certain factor. This factor is called ratio. Formula is:
S= a_{1} * \frac{1- r^{n} }{1-r}
S -> sum
a1 -> first member of a sequence
r -> ratio
n -> number of elements

For this question:
a1 = 2
r = 2
n = 40
S= 2* \frac{1- 2^{40} }{1-2} =2 199 023 255 550

1 generation = 25 years
40 generations = 40 * 25 = 1000 years

Total number of people who have ever lived = 10^{10}
Number of ancestors in 40 generations = 2.2*10^{12}

The number of ancestors is greater than total number of people who have ever lived. This means that not all ancestors were distinct and that in each generation both men and women had children with more than one partner.
A.80 ancestors
B.1000 years long
C.im not sure ???

The old Native American saying is best described as anthropocentric thinking.

Anthropocentrism, or anthropocentric thinking, is the belief that humans are the most important elementof existence. In this human-centered point of view, the world revolves around human experiences and values.



The question is asking that you look to box 6 and figure out what the genotype for that box would be. If you were to fill in the whole Punnett square then box 6 would be ggli because the corresponding letters left and up are gi and gl, therefore the pea will have a yellow pod with an inflated or a constricting pod.

A sporophyte (/spɔːroʊˌfaɪt/) is the diploid multicellular stage in the life cycle of a plant or alga. It develops from the zygote produced when a haploid egg cell is fertilized by a haploid sperm and each sporophyte cell therefore has a double set of chromosomes, one set from each parent.


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