Earthquakes produce two types of body waves that flow through the interior of the earth. they are,
primary and love waves
primary and surface waves
primary and secondary waves
secondary and love waves


They are primary waves (p waves) and secondary waves (s waves)
Primary wave ,secondary waves 
Primary and secondary waves are the answer.
I think the answer is primary and secondary waves.

Seismic P waves and Seismic S waves

Primary and secondary waves


As the earthquakes produce the twp type of the body waves like those of the P and the S waves these are associated with the interaction of the various pathways they tend to travel and this influence their duration of occurrence and the velocity is directly affected the presence of the mediums and hence the interior of earth has these two waves that tend to pass through the interior of the earth.

primary and secondary waves


  Earthquakes produce three main types of radiated energy waves.

  Two of these waves travel the Earth's body and the other is surface waves that travel along the Earth's surface.

  The two waves that travel the earth's body are P-waves (Primary waves) and the other is S-wave (Secondary waves).

P waves are compressional waves while S waves are chopped waves.S waves cannot travel through fluids; thus the P floors are the only ones that travel through the core of the earth.

Type P waves travel faster, but S waves are usually 2 to 3 times larger than the P wave.

compressional/primary waves and shear/secondary waves

The correct response is that earthquakes produce primary and secondary body waves.


From the epicenter, an earthquake sends out waves in every direction, like when you drop something on a still body of water.  Body waves are those waves that move from the epicenter deep in the Earth. Primary waves move the fastest and they are also called compression waves because they move outward, along the line of wave propagation.  The S-wave moves perpendicular to the line of wave propagation. The S-waves can only be felt in solid material. If the earthquake is some distance from the epicenter you will feel the P-waves first and then the S-waves, and finally the surface waves which are those that cause the most damage and displacement generally.

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