Which of the following forests would the national forest management act of 1976 most effectively protect from harmful logging? (2 points)

i. a forest managed by the u. s. forest service

ii. a forest certified by the forest stewardship council

iii. a forest certified by the sustainable forestry initiative

i only

ii only

iii only

i and ii only

i and iii only


The answer is :  C. The reforestation

Reforestation is the acts of replanting existing forest or woodland that have been depleted.

By the doing this, we reestablish areas of the forest that may have been gone to some natural or other circumtances
I looked it but I was debating on C or D but I’m thinking it’s C because google was saying the National forest magages timber, wildlife, removing small trees. C says ecosystem which is the environment.

whats the question


the people who works to preserve and protect the animal and forest is called forest manager

Reliability,Teaching and Leadership Skills,and lastyly physical streangth

I just took the assignment  

It is the process of controlling the use or exploitation of forested land.

answer is Creforestation


I. A forest managed by the U.S. Forest Service


The NFMA's primary mission is to ask the US Forest Service to develop a plan for national forests, set up wood-selling standards, and establish a policy to regulate harvesting. The purpose of these goals is to protect the national forests from overfishing and permanent damage without breaking the net. Congress requires the Forest Service, along with other relevant agencies, to thoroughly assess, investigate and plan the country's use of renewable resources, its current demand, anticipated requirements, and its environmental and economic impacts. The NFMA changed forest planning by forcing the US Forest Service to apply a systematic and interdisciplinary approach to resource management. It also ensured the community's involvement in the development and review of forest plans. In addition, NFMA has established and expanded several Forest Service Trust funds and personal accounts. [4] Expanded Land and Resource Management Plans (L / RMP), as enshrined in the 1974 Forest and Pasture Planning Act (RPA), allowing the Forest Service to carry out all the land inventory and subsequent remediation activities. The most appropriate land use process is called 'compliance assessment'. [5] These plans require the use of alternative land management options with potential resource implications (wood, ridge, mining, recreation). socio-economic impact on local communities. In conjunction with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (Forest Service), the Forest Service provided significant resources for establishing the FORPLAN (a linear programming model used to assess land management resource outcomes) and IMPLAN to assess its economic impact locally. associations. When the NFMA was written, there were conflicting interests in the proper management of forests. The largest player of the national forest department at that time was the timber industry. II. In the post-World War II economy, wooden boom demand grew rapidly, and people were growing more in public areas than ever before. Visitors to national parks rose from 50 million in 1950 to 72 million in 1960. The Sierra Club and other conservation groups also struggled to protect the natural landscape. The Multiple Use Sustainability Act of 1960 clarified that the Forest Service must manage non-tree values ​​such as recreation, area, basin, live and fishing purposes, but it is clear that these uses do not reflect NFMA. forest planning process

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