List three other areas in the world that would be the best possible targets for tropical storms. 1.5pts 10. why do you believe they would be targets


answer; i believe the correct answer is (fluctuated);

d. they are naturallyoccuring inorganic fuels like coal and petroleum.

Northwestern Pacific Ocean, Asia, and Australia.


The areas affected by the tropical cyclone are those that are divided into various basins such as the North Atlantic basin and the eastern and the western parts of the pacific ocean. While the western pacific is the most active zone and that of the Indian ocean is the Arabian and bay of the Bengal sea branch. On average about the 86, tropical cyclone storm originated annually worldwide and about 47 of them reach hurricane intensity and 20 become the intense tropical storms. The northwestern pacific ocean has on average 27.5 tropical storms. The Australian western boundary is the most targeted region and is frequently hit by storms every seven times a year. The Indian landmass sees cyclonic activity 5 to 6 times more in the bar of the Bengal and the Arabian sea that causes heavy damages.

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