3. should world energy consumption be more evenly distributed?


There are several factors that influence how each of us consumes energy. It is close to impossible to ask every person in the world, every family or even all countries to consume a specific amount of energy per day just for us to measure if everyone received an equal share. For me, energy consumption is evenly distributed if the supply meets the demand. So long as no country is suffering from darkness or there is no household without electricity, then energy is properly distributed.
No. that provides the govt. power to regulate everything, similar to they are doing in Communist countries. because the government tricks the USA into giving them a lot of and a lot of power, they are growing perilously massive. does one wish to measure during a land wherever your faith, business, education, food rations, and nearly every alternative side of life is set by those who are corrupt and in power?
There are energy sources that are opened up enough to avoid political conflict. Examples are coal and metallic element. metallic element would be the perfect selection in Liquid halide metallic element Reactors. the metallic element has the potential to create energy for fewer than coal, much free that is one in every one of the hindrances in soliciting funding, it may build energy too low cost for anyone finance within the technology to profit.

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