An article was sold for? $7575 but now it's increased by 10%​


Answer erosion,oil spills,pollution,tourism,urban development;

answer; creep;

The value of the article will now increase to $8,332.50.


The article was originally sold for $7575 and is now its value has increased by 10%.

10% of $7575 = $7575 * 10/100 = $757.50.

If we add the above 10% to the value of the article, we will arrive at the current value of the article.

Hence, current value of the article = $7575 + $757.50 = $8332.50

This can also be arrived at by multiplying $7575 by 110%, i.e. $7575 * 110/100 = $8332.50, hence arriving at the same answer.

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