Kis the midpoint of fg and l is the midpoint of fh what is the m g?

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The circumcenter is  equidistant  from each vertex of the triangle. the circumcenter is at the  intersection  of the  perpendicular bisectors  of the...Read More
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answerblank(1); khirbat al-mafjar,blank(2); ostracon.blank(3); //hisham,blank(4),; //lion; blank(5); gazelle;...Read More
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Aregion is an area of land that has common features. these features can be natural, such as climate or landscape. they can also be artificial, such as language or religion. the xin...Read More
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The equator is 0 degree latitude. This imaginary line, which runs through parts of South America, Africa, and Asia, is officially the halfway point between the North Pole and the S...Read More
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