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i only have few minutes according to the map above, which shows religious cultural regions, what two religions are most commonly practiced in africa? a. christianity and buddhis... Read More
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there's multiple reasons why the conquistadors were so successful in colonizing central america, and some of them are: - they were seen as gods; at the beginning, the spanish settl... Read More
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Answermost of the time it would be ground into fine sediment,and sometimes they are carried away from the original location;... Read More
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Humid continental climate is found in the interior of continents between the 30 and 60 degrees latitude, but usually above the 40 degree line.   40 degrees north of the equato... Read More
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the first phase of the government’s plan for settlement was building the transcontinental railroad. the railroad provided a way to bring settlers and manufactured goods west and sh... Read More
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The were examples of police  brutality  and prideful people. police brutality because they could have acted differently. and prideful people because even if you are treat... Read More
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This would be an open primary. a closed primary people can vote only prior to election day if the party if they are registered. independent voters can not participate. there is not... Read More
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