Read the following excerpt from the poem "casabianca": they wrapt the ship in splendor wild, they caught the flag on high, and streamed above the gallant child, like banners in the sky. then came a burst of thunder-sound—the boy—oh! where was he? ask of the winds that far around with fragments strewed the sea, with mast, and helm and pennon fair, that well had borne their part but the noblest thing which perished there was that young faithful heart. in one well-developed paragraph with a topic sentence and supporting details, explain how the language in this excerpt develops the mood. (make sure you clearly explain what the mood is, too! )


Hello. So, I'm not going to just do your work for you, sorry, but I can offer a few tips! :)


First, what do you notice about the language. Does the language seem formal or casual, does it seem older or modern? I would say the language in this poem seems medieval and proper. This gives a sort of magical, yet somber mood, because the many descriptive words, like, "splendor," and , "gallant," or, "Perished," and "Strewed." Another thing to think about, is how the old-timey language and words make you feel. Do they make you think, do they make you sad? Etc...

Can someone please explain in a paragraph how the language in this excerpt develops the mood. ( Make sure you clearly explain what the mood is, too. ) The mood is frighted

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