Susan Constant was an?


Look at the passages where the author describes the isolation and insanity that dr frankenstein has


shower, toothbrush, toasters, refrigerators,   and the lights

you use the lights to see and brighten a room. and with out them you cant see. you need a toothbrush to clean your teeth with out it stinky breath. shower to wash ya self and without it you stink. toaster to toast stuff without it nothing is toasted. and the refrigerator to keep stuff cold without it everything goes bad

Susan Constant was among the largest ships that reached the shore of Virginia last 1607. This carried 54 members one colonization mission in search of gold and glory. Susan Constant was built 1605 in London and it was even one year when it landed near Cape Henry. Captain Christopher Newport was the captain of the Susan Constant from London to Virginia during the search that lasted for four and a half months however it did not stay in Virginia and sailed back to the sea.

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