Antonym for nutrients?


it should discride this whale so it shouldnt be that hard

which of the following statements about considering your audience and purpose is false?

you should think about what your audience already knows about your topic.- first choice is the rhythm in a lyric poem created?

by stressing certain words or syllables- first choice

33. which of the following describes an elegy?

a poem expressing sorrow for someone who has died- third choice does the audience know that the play is moving on to a new scene?

the scenery, lighting, and props change.-last choice

35. the internet is an electronic communications network that connects computer systems all over the world.- third choice

36. which of the topic sentences below best states the paragraph’s main idea?

there are several ways for students to earn money.- third choice

37.what tone does this passage convey?

satirical- third choice

38.what point is he trying to make by wearing the veil for most of his life?

he means to show that everyone, not just he, has experienced sin and sorrow and should therefore try not to hide it from others or from god.- first choice

39.based on the sentence’s context clues, how do you think the character feels?

excited- third choice

40.what tone does this passage convey?

pessimistic- second choice

Maybe too much sugar or too much salt.
Junk food maybe but I hope it helps.

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