Read the excerpt below and answer the question. There was also a nun, a prioress,
Who, in her
smiling, modest was and coy;
Her greatest oath was but By Saint Eloy! .
At table she had been well taught withal,
And never from her lips let morsels fall,
Nor dipped her fingers deep in sauce, but ate
With so much care the food upon her plate
That never driblet fell upon her breast,
In courtesy she had delight and zest.
The excerpt above helps
demonstrate the nun's


its b add a sentence to the middle that reflects on the writer’s experiences.

i just took the test

whatever is after like is what is being compared they are comparing bumping into you like they are scared to catch germs you have and to you being contagious

the answer is   b suffix addition

Holyyttt hek thats a lot

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