Read this example:
schools uniforms are not only ugly but infringe upon a student's personal style. requiring students to wear the same outfit as everyone else is ridiculous! some people say that school uniforms would put the focus back on education and not on the latest fashions, but that is crazy. yes, students go to school to get an education, but they also go to learn more about themselves. forcing them to wear a school uniform would seriously hurt their ability to find their personal style and become more confident with who they are. which phrase best describes the tone of this example?
a. slightly hostile but basically civil
b. friendly and open-minded
c. agreeable and understanding
d. sad and a little regretful


Slightly hostile but basically civil because they are explaining in a uniformed manner no pun intended

B: Slightly hostile but basically civil.


 The phrase in otion B describes the tone of the example because the writer uses some words that can be considered slightly hostile to express his or her opinion: 'ridiculous', 'crazy', and 'forcing'. Nevertheless, the idea of someone defending the liberty or personal preference, and understanding the need for more confidence one should have with oneself is a valid argument, as well as   basically civil.

The answer is A: slightly hostile but basically civil (APEKS)

The anwser is a because the complex words

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