Read the poem.

friends crouched low
without words
before she came.
stifled giggles
hushed and shushed
and waited.
the door swung wide

which words create an order of events in the poem?

a.“friends” and “giggles”
b.“without” and “words”
c.“crouched” and “low”
d.“before” and “finally


the answer is (B)


Before, Then and Finally

Before and Finally


"before" and "finally"


When it comes to ordering events or sequencing them in order, it is important to take note of some words, such as "before" and "finally."

"Before" implies that the event happened prior to another or it happened in the past while "finally" implies the final point or event in the end. It is clear that these words are used chronologically.

Other words that you can use to create an order of events are: today, tomorrow, yesterday, the past, the present, firstly, lastly, etc.

"Before" and "Finally"


Until, and then.

Explanation: When writing a poem, there are words the author can use to create the order of events, without necessarily being chronological. In the given poem there are two words that create an order of events, they are "until", which marks the ending of an event (the ending of the sky being dim), and "then" which helps to express continuity between one event and the next one.

Before and Finally

"Before" and "finally" are the best words to use in order to create an order of events. A text that is organized by following this structure is called "chronological." Chronological texts are those that relate events in the same order in which they happened. This type of text benefits from words such as "before" and "finally" as these help the author clarify how the events happened, and how they are related to each other.

"before" and "finally" are words used to show the order of events.

D.) "before" and "finally"

The answer is D because it shows time difference by saying before and finally

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