To better learn the dates on a timeline provided by her teacher, shayla should


To better learn the dates on a timeline provided by her teacher, Shayla should (1) understand the whole history or the whole series of events in the timeline. It will be easier if she will make a summary of dates in sequence starting from the beginning up to the latest one.
It's A. a.Recreate the timeline on her own

The right answer is "Recreate the timeline on her own"

Writing your own timeline is a technique that helps in understanding and interpreting the timeline made by the teacher and therefore serves as an aid in learning.

Often, people have the idea that just copying what the teacher passes will be a guarantee of understanding the given subject. Simple copy does not guarantee understanding. That's why it's important to rewrite what the teacher went through with a few words.




Arrange the numbers in order , that how  i became so great learning a timeline but she should study the timeline

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