These questions are for "the importance of being earnest"
after jack proposes to gwendolen, he is interviewed by lady bracknell to interpret whether he is a suitable marriage possibility for gwendolen. this encounter with lady bracknell reveals all of the following except
- victorian beliefs
- lady bracknell's past
- victorian values
- jack's adoption by thomas curfew

in act ii, miss prism and dr. chasuble are introduced for the first time. their relationship can be best described by all of the following except:
a subplot
a serious criticism of education and religion
a foil for the courtship of cecily and jack
a source of humor


The answer is indeed letter C) Miss Prism. No married man is ever attractive except to his wife.

"The Importance of Being Earnest" is a play written by Oscar Wilde. It revolves around characters who make up imaginary friends or even pretend to be other people in order to deceive those around them. The characters lie when they feel like escaping society, freeing themselves from the boring company of their friends.

"The Importance of Being Earnest" is the most famous comedy of manners of all time. A comedy of manners satirizes society, criticizing social standards and manners. There is usually a love affair or some other sort of scandal in the plot. The dialogs are full of witty remarks and sarcasm.

As for the options, letter C is the one that best supports the affirmation that this play is a comedy of manners. It's a remark made by the character Miss Prism, who has a love interest in Reverend Chasuble. She tries to convince him that he should marry, that a single man is a constant temptation to women. By marrying, according to her, he would be doing what is best for the Church. She goes on to say that older women would be a better choice (she is an older woman). Wilde probably used her character to criticize the desperation of older women of that era when it came to marriage.

Miss Prism. No married man is ever attractive except to his wife.


A comedy consists of a satire about a specific topic, and irony is used to entertain and make an audience laugh.

The chosen answer is the only one containing elements of irony since the speaker mocks the status of married men, and they do it in a mannerly way.

C is the answer, miss prism



- Lady Bracknell's past

- A serious criticism of education and religion


From the story of "The Importance of Being Earnest" by Oscar Wilde, the two passages are from Acts III and II.  They are the scenes of the engagement of Jack and Gwendoline, the subsequent questioning of Jack by Lady Bracknell. While Act II shows the introduction of the characters Miss Prism and Chasuble.

The questioning of Jack by Lady Bracknell shows the character Jack's adoption by Thomas Curfew and also of the Victorian values and beliefs. While the introduction of the two characters of Miss Prism and Dr. Chasuble is a means to criticize the education and religious issues during the Victorian Age.

"The Importance of Being Earnest" is a play that was written by Oscar Wilde. And based on the given questions above, here are my answers:
1. Based on this part of the play, this encounter with Lady  Bracknell shows all of the given scenarios above except for Lady Bracknell's past. The answer is the second option.
2. Based on Act II, the relationship between Miss Prism and Dr. Chasuble can be described with all of the following listed except for a serious criticism of education and religion. The answer is the second option.

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